At the Brink of Oblivion

My author name is Welp, btw.
The three authors are J.M.J.L., Welp(me), and John Snow

Chapter I

Of Arrivals and Departures.

J.M.J.L. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Holy sanctum was Lined with gold and Lapiz-Lazuli. The door was crafted in such a fashion that that it blended with the wall; It would be utterly invisible if not for the watchman posted on the door.

“Hail! Lords!” sounded the watchman.

“We’ve come to see Uriel…is he around?” asked Gabriel.

The two entered the Sanctum; only to be greeted by the pleasant smell of incense. As their eyes adjusted to the light; it revealed a room with towering walls, all lined with books of unknown origin and from a time before the first planets, the sanctum was unlike the rest of Avalon; It’s dark scruffy nature contrasted the clean white Limestone that comprised the outer walls and Pillars. The two archs; after searching the Sanctum for hours finally resorted to calling their hidden brother from his hiding.

“Uriel! Show yourself!” shouted Michael.

“No need to shout Brother” came a calm gloomy voice from behind them.

“Uriel it’s time to sound the trumpet” said Gabriel.

“Ohh…has God’s power lessened already?” replied Uriel.

“Yes and It’s time for you to lead the tournament” answered Gabriel.

“Ohh….what a bother, and you’re not going to help me are you?”

“Well it’s not our celestial time yet”

“You’ll do fine without us” said Michael with a grin.

“what about the other four; are they going to help?” questioned Uriel.

“No..there coming with us to the Mortal world” answered Gabriel. “some complications that require our immediate attention.”

“Ohh…what a bother” said Uriel.

Soon after great streaks of light shown through the sky; signifying the archs’ departure to earth; leaving Uriel to manage Avalon, the Tournament, and himself. With heavy feet Uriel ascended the tower Féltur; great treasury of Avalon, where within its vaults lay the horn of Calling.

“Huh…Leaving me here to manage the new God Tournament” grumbled Uriel.

“I’m sure when they return they’ll ask me how good it went Huh!”

Deep within the confines of the tower Uriel ventured; guided only by a distant memory of the place. Through old limestone corridors; riddled with tapestries of a time when youth still flowed through him Feeling a slight familiarity Uriel stopped before a vault and taking a breath he laid his power upon the lock, and with a tremendous clang the inner bolt slid away as the vault opened. Within the confines of the vault the only light that shone was that which Uriel brought himself, for the lamps laid within had perished eons ago. He began now to traverse the endless vault of Avalon; stopping ever so often to reorient himself, for the vault lay between the folds of reality where even the slightest lapse of concentration meant the loss of direction; a grin crossed Uriel’s face as a memory played within his mind of a time when Rafael had once strayed too far and had lost his way, he began to recount the many ages that had passed since then, each bringing their own joy and pain, but before he could recount the age which was most dear to him he felt the ground shift beneath him, and returning back to the present the recovered his concentration and with it, his direction. It was not long before Uriel returned to the light of Avalon with the horn, but by his perspective he had tarried far too long for comfort. Grasping the horn in his hands Uriel rose to the highest point of Avalon, and with the light of Avalon’s twin stars behind him he let out one single note and it rose above all other sounds of that world and echoed through the others; the Tournament had begun and the challengers invited.

It was on the Forth night that the first of the challengers beheld the beauty of Avalon, and below the glimmering light of the night’s stars Avalon welcomed them as a great shaft of light descended upon the courtyard.

Eyes glinting; Lady Lilianna emerged from the light, her hair glinted with the same light as the stars and her face with the beauty of the moon, she bore a golden circlet around her head both serving as a restraint for her hair and as a symbol of her royalty, for both she and her comrades were of the Royal line Shadowbane of the Voltirin universe. She wore a breastplate of silver engraved with runes from her language, her arms and legs were protected by a fine mesh of chainmail while her hands and feet were covered by slender silver gauntlets and boots. Upon her back rested a white bow and quiver of arrows. Though fair to look upon lady Lilianna bore the weight of years of battle experience for the Voltir lived with a lifespan far greater than most, their previous king having reigned for neigh over two ages by Avelonean count.

By this time the Sentinels on duty had sensed the arrival and had gathered around the courtyard to witness.

Second to emerge was a sight to behold, for never upon their mind would the Sentinels have expected the Lady’s comrade and brother to be such. Lord Rigel stepped forth from the light; his great size towering high above his sister and the Sentinels, he was armed from head to foot in full armor; not a sight of flesh to be seen; his black armor blotting out a good portion of the light which transported them, and the strange engraved images of war turning the Sentinels’ imaginations into nightmares. Upon his head a helmet of black metal, its face mask in the likeness of a great giant, he held nor kept a weapon for his great hands were, if clenched in the likeness of Great War hammers. The Sentinels could feel the ground give with every step the Titan took; the weight of it unimaginable to them.

Last to emerge from the light was Lord Dorian; eldest of the three and closest in stature and nobility to their father the King. He emerged from the light just as the shaft began to fade and as the Sentinels lost the light it was replaced by another, for Dorian like his brother wore full armor, though not black but glistening silver and gold, upon his chest plate was engraved many runes of valor and victory; down to his shoulder and shin guards, he walked with a heavy metallic note with each stride though, not as pronounced as his brother. His face was masked by his helm; in the likeness of a crown it was save that upon either side were the images of great wings in flight and Upon his back he bore a cape with the Voltirin crest laced upon it, and at his side his fabled sword Antürnir “The Netherial Edge”. He commanded attention as a king would have and the shine of respect emanating from his siblings authenticated it; here before them was a king.

The entered the great Avelonean arch just as the watch shifted and word of them quickly spread across the citadel. They were shown to their quarters and offered refreshments, but denied the later; stating.

“We shall wait for the others.”

Welp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You can wait all day..” resonated a voice throughout the area. Rigel and vectra took up guard; peering all around for the voice’s source, but to their dismay their trained eyes caught nothing; save for an empty courtyard.

“So you’re going to hide forever?” said Lord Dorian. Somehow his voice seemed to shake the entire building.

after a long silence. the voice replied:

“True we could.. dealing with you is a hassle but heck, hiding is too much of a bore.” this time the voice came from a specific direction and everyone finally saw Cypher Scythe. He had always been sitting; his back against the wall just right in front of the Voltir, but somehow something had hidden him from their notice. He was very young; around 17-19 years of age– not even a tenth of the Voltir’s lifespan, but it didnt matter. Anyone could tell from his eyes which showed no interest in anything it saw, that his age had no relevance to his abilities. His shadow– Artemis, beside him seemed to keep another entity similar to Dorian’s Netherial Edge.Unlike his adversaries, he had no armor. In fact, you would later notice that the Neon– their home planet had no use for any kind of armor. Like his hair, his clothes were all black save for his white shoes and they seemed to match each other well enough to be called a uniform. His laid back nature surprised the sentinels as they thought of how someone could be so calm in front of great warriors not to mention, a giant. Then another voice sounded from beside him.

“I still think we should’ve killed them before they even knew we were here.”

It was of a young girl’s and then slowly, they noticed her too.

Lufia, who faced Cypher while speaking, was also another youngling and despite the deadly words she had just said earlier, her appearance was a rare sight to see. Her long hair glinted a bright golden color like that of sunlight while her eyes were emerald green like the leaves of nature that might receive it. A white ribbon was neatly worn on her hair as a restraint.

Like her age, her beauty was young and pure like a rose yet to fully blossom. Compared to everyone else, her appearance seemed weak and frail but after seeing Cypher, they no longer doubted the Neon’s strength.

Proving Neon’s ignorance to armor, her clothes were even more casual than Cypher’s. She wore a long white dress which seemed almost like an apron tied by another white ribbon on her back. She also wore a red skirt but because of the length of her dress, it could barely be seen.Like Rigel, Lufia bore no visible weapon because, similar to the giant, her own body was her blade.

Indeed like a rose, she was elegant, but likewise, she had thorns.

Indeed she was beautiful, but it was a mask to a darkness deep within. Lufia was known as the princess of the esoteric demons and master manipulator of the energies which existed everywhere.To the Voltir, it held no meaning, but to the sentinels on guard, it was like an intrusion to their sacred grounds. Slowly, they prepared themselves when suddenly Lilianna of the Voltir spoke up.

“And what of the third one? SUrely its not just the two of you?”

At this, the sentinels paused. There was still another one?

Cypher quickly came to a short reply.

“Look.” he pointed to his side opposite to where Lufia was.

Lilianna raised a brow.

“We’re looking.”

“If you look closer then you’re looking.” This time it was Lufia who pointed. “He’s just right there.”After some thought, Lilianna moved to step forward but upon noticing a slight sudden movement from her Neon counterpart, she stopped. At this, Lufia chuckled.”Y-you–!” Flustered, Lilianna reached for her brow but was stopped by Dorian with just a stomp of his sword.

Cypher also sighed in response.

“Joke’s over, Merit. You can show yourself now.” Cypher ordered with laid back authority.

Merit complied and after a short while, most of the audience could finally see him– his prescence still was vague.

He was the youngest of the Neon’s contenders, aging 6-7 years below Cypher and Lufia. Like all humans from Neon, he had black hair but while Cypher’s eyes were dark blue, Shinra’s was gold like a cat’s. Indeed he was like a black cat.

He wore the same uniform as Cypher except for a coat which he wore above it and he had two oversized pistols which in one glance, you could tell that a child his size would fly from recoil. He was the youngest, but like Cypher, he also had an accomplice deep inside. An esoteric demon.

Neon’s contenders were but holy for they all had demons within, if they were not demons themselves.

This made the sentinels uneasy. Although the demons were just esoteric, a weaker existence than those of avalon who were eldritch, they grew wary all the more because Uriel had told them not to attack.

Though they trusted his wisdom in letting the Neon pass as contenders, it is never an easy task to let suspicious guests walk the halls of your house.

Then as if to interrupt the sentinel’s discussions and to conclude their introduction(which were merely a showing of themselves) Cypher spoke in his usual lazy tone.

“Now then, what shall we do?”

The tension between the two parties grew strained as each locked eyes with their own counterparts. Vectra to Lufia, Rigel to Merit, and Dorian to Cypher. Already Uriel; who stood upon his tower from a distance, could tell the two parties’ destinies would forever be intertwined.


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